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These are some of my favorite sites to visit:

    • A “specialty” chapter of the AAW (American Association of Woodturners), it caters to the interests of segmented woodturners. This site contains a great photo gallery of projects to dream over.
  • International Association of Penturners
    • The IAP is a wonderful site for the casual to professional pen turner. A very active and friendly group, there is a wealth of information available. Yearly contests, several groups meeting around the world, and the connections needed to get supplies are all here.
  • American Association of Woodturners
    • The main organization for woodturner groups, and includes a list of all member groups and their locations.
  • Woodturner PRO
    • Since its introduction in 2002, Woodturner PRO has been a leader in providing computer aided design software for woodturners and woodworkers. And now, Version 3 of Woodturner PRO, Lamination PRO and 3D Design PRO will bring you more capabilities, faster execution and design possibilities than you can imagine. Whether you're a woodturner or a woodworker, you'll appreciate the user interfaces that make the software easy to use, but capable of extremely complex designs.
  • Segmented Project Planner - Your best choice for designing segmented projects.
    • From novice to expert and idea to assembly, Segmented Project Planner supports your lathe project with Sketch-A-Bowl, AutoBowl, Segment Painting (color, mosaic, image), open segments, zigzags, diamonds, and much more.



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