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Hobbies for me tend to come and go, but woodworking has always intrigued me. From humble beginnings, I have progressed steadily in the art of woodturning and segmenting. It allows freedom to express artistry in the grains, colors of natural woods, and the shapes of the various vessels.

I have joined the Segmented WoodTurners, a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. It is fun and a privilege to be part of an outstanding group as this. On their web site, you will find galleries filled with beautiful projects, and some are simply astounding. It gives me encouragement to continue to create new ideas, and have hope that some day I may be as precise in my woodworking as they are.

The International Association of Penturners is another great resource to use in crafting writing instruments. As with most woodworkers, they are a friendly bunch and very willing to share secrets and insights of their craft. Visit their website for some great inspiration.

The woodworking community enjoys answering questions and giving help to those who ask. If you like making wood chips as a hobby, please visit either of these sites for camaraderie and insight.

Many of my projects are now being displayed at The Art Shop, in Highland, Michigan, and at The Roost, in Howell, Michigan. Please feel free to stop in and look at them. Most are also for sale if you would like them.

I reserve all rights to this site, including, but not limited to, all content, including photos of the work displayed.

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